Our History

President and General Contractor: Steve Sutton

My 30 years of building experience began when I was just a kid pulling nails out of boards for my dad. When other kids were delivering papers, I was swinging a hammer. Building was what I had always done and what I love to do. I learned every aspect of the building process the old fashion way; by doing. Before becoming a General Contractor myself, I spent many years framing, siding, roofing, plumbing, wiring, sheet rocking, painting and trimming houses. During this time, I learned the business side of building, obtained my license and started Action Construction Co., Inc in 1993 as a builder of custom homes. When the economic downturn of 2008 made it difficult to continue my passion for building, I went to school and earned a college degree in Mechatronics. After spending a couple of years in the robotics field, I decided to return to building full time. If you have decided it is time to start the building process, I would love to be the builder that you have entrusted to make your dream a reality

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